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Daily Routine Bundle Moisturizer, Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 & Face mist Spray

The ultimate 3-step skincare routine that is clean, simple and effective.

1. Baesic Moisturiser

Through thick and thin. A lightweight moisturizer that keeps you hydrated all day. Nourish your skin with the goodness from our natural extracts like mushroom, tomato, mulberry & Niacinamide.

2. Speed Dial Face Mist 

A multipurpose product with the goodness of plant extracts like tomato, licorice, tea tree, aloe Vera & more! Use as a refreshing face mist, hydrating/soothing toner & also as a makeup setting spray. Boys, Speed Dial has also got you covered as an after-shaving spray! 

3. Sundowner SPF 50 PA+++
Block the Bad Vibes Away! 
SPF 50+++ Protects from UVA, UVB, UVC Rays
Everyday broad-spectrum sunscreen is unseen yet super protective.

Product Speciality

Baesic Moisturiser

  • Non-greasy
  • Soothing & Healing
  • Instant hydration
  • Glow & brightness
  • Even skin texture
  • Lock in moisture

Sundowner SPF 50

  • Acne Scars & Dark Spots 
  • Irritated Skin 
  • Natural Vitamin C
  • Youthful Glow
  • Perfect for all Skin Type

Speed Dial Face Mist

  • Tea Tree & Neem calms redness, acne scars
  • Aloe Vera Extract to hydrate
  • Glycerin to lock moisture
  • Niacinamide to keep pesky bumps at bay
  • Mulberry to brighten & evens out skin
  • Allantoin to prevent dryness/irritation
  • Licorice to promote radiance

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