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September 28, 2021

There is no perfect time to start skincare and it’s never too late to realize that you need a legit skincare routine. Everyday our skin goes through a lot like pollution, heat, etc., and hence it’s very crucial to protect your skin.

The very 1st question that comes to your mind is how to know that 3 AM products are perfect for your skin.

Well, let’s take you through it.

3 AM products are formulated with natural ingredients which cater to all skin types considering the sensitive skin type. All those plant-based ingredients you love, are effectively put together simply into skincare products.

3 AM skincare routine makes your life easier and is set to take a place in your vanity forever.

How to get a glass-like skin in 3 simple steps-

Baesic Moisturizer

- Unlike your basic moisturizer, it not only charges your skin with hydration but also replaces your primer with its balmy texture. It nourishes your skin and locks in moisture all day long even after makeup.

Sundowner Sunscreen

: Sunscreens are usually harsh on the skin, but this one not only protects your skin from sun & pollution but also leaves your skin lustrous.

Speed Dial Face Mist

: Why keep 10 things when you can bank on one. Use it as a toner or as a refreshing face mist or for fixing up your makeup base. Too good to be true, right?

 Spoiler Alert - You can lend this to your Pa, Brother, or BF too, to use it as an after-shave spray. It’s super hydrating.

 Achieving healthy skin takes time. But consistency and regime are the keys. 

Also, a sweet reminder: Don’t forget to drink water.

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