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About Us

3AM Philosophy

3AM = “3am friend”

Reliable/Trustworthy/Nonjudgmental /Approachable/Transparent/Relatable

3AM is here to create a unique beauty ecosystem. One that belongs to everyone. We make relevant, unconventional and fun products that give you all of the benefits of 3AM skincare and none of the compromise of traditional makeup.

At 3AM, we strongly believe in taking away all of the intimidation and reintroducing fun into skincare and makeup. Our clean, skin-first formulas give your skin the TLC it needs and the light yet buildable textures encourage effortless application for everyday use. Your everyday getting ready routine should be seamless & simple just like how we like it at 3AM.

3AM Sustainability

3AM focuses on making products that are sustainably formulated with science-backed formulas by keeping the health of our bodies and Mother Nature in mind. 

The naturally derived ingredients in our products are ethically/locally sourced from certified suppliers who share the same responsibility of positively impacting the environment. 

3AM products are free from proven toxic ingredients & totally vegan. No Animals were harmed while formulating and testing the products; however, the only guinea pigs we used are our friends, family and dermatologists to test our prototype. We keep your skin at our utmost priority & make sure our products are effective & clean. 

To eliminate unnecessary waste, 3AM skincare range is packaged using eco-friendly and recyclable materials like glass bottles and Shiro paper while making sure a very minimal amount of green plastic (PE) is being used.  Hence, we highly recommend recycling and reusing our glass bottles by using them as a water spray for your plants, alcohol-based sanitizer or even just a little alcohol for that matter ;)