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Get Glowing Skin this Holi with 3AM

Get Glowing Skin this Holi with 3AM
Looking for the best Holi skincare routine? We got you!
Holi is almost here! Would you want brighter skin during the festival of colours to add to the feeling of festive joy? What you need is a clean, simple but effective skincare routine that will  make sure you stay radiant and keep blemishes at bay during the day of Holi and even after it.
Here’s what can help:
Pre-Holi skincare routine
● First up, make sure to moisturise religiously on the days before Holi. If your skin barrier is doing well, the chances are it will be better protected against the harm that colours can do. The 3 AM Baesic Moisturiser comprises aloe vera, niacinamide and glycerin, all of which are great for your skin’s barrier. Additionally, allantoin helps in keeping it smooth.
● Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Use a mist before a moisturiser. The multi-purpose 3 AM Speed Dial Face Mist with sodium lactate, lactic acid and glycerine does the job well. Skincare tips for the day of Holi
● Don’t skip the sunscreen. Make sure to apply at least 30 minutes before on every exposed part of your body as you will mostly be out in the sun! Our lightweight Sundowner SPF 50 could provide ample protection and won’t make you sweat.
● Protect your nails with a coat or two of nail paint. Protecting them with petroleum jelly could also work.
● Urge your friends and family to opt for naturally-sourced colours as they are gentler on the skin.
Post-Holi Skincare Routine
● Make sure to oil cleanse after the festivities are over. You can use any balm or oil cleanser of your choice before using a face wash to get all the colour and impurities off.
● Spray the 3 AM Speed Dial mist and moisturize soon. Don’t forget your hands and elbows as well.
● You can also add a light serum with any skin-calming ingredient like Centella Asiatica.
● Be gentle with your skin when you remove colour and steer clear of harsh scrubs.
● Avoid salon treatments and chemical peels a few days after Holi as you want to just take care of the barrier of your skin and soothe it with ample hydration. This way you can keep the dullness at bay, have bright and radiant skin that’s protected way after the festivities are over.

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