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June 21, 2022

Come summer and we start hearing (Read feeling) cries of help from our skin. Summer heat can be brutal especially if you have to step out during the afternoon. Skin goes red, starts itching, feels very dry, and is inflamed. Wearing a mask at such times makes things even worse.


This automatically invites a stringent skincare routine – serums, masks, moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. The ultimate goal is to hydrate and soothe the skin, which is why you must add arefreshing face mistto your skincare regime. In fact, you should never step out without one!

Why is face mist used?

Face mists are essentially used to rehydrate the skin during summers. But isn’t that what water does? Can’t you just sprinkle some water on your face when needed? You can, of course, but face mists are not just water. They are water-based but with multiple other ingredients that help the skin feel better in various ways.

Face mist benefits

Facial mistcan instantly soothe your skin and rehydrate it. It can also do the following:

Reduce acne scars and redness

Ingredients such as tea tree oil and neem help ease the redness usually caused due to excessive sweat and masks. If you have acne-prone skin, you should definitely look for these ingredients in theface mist.

Avoid inflammation and itching

Aloe vera extract not only rehydrates the skin but also soothes it by reducing inflammation. It works like a charm to treat burned skin and restore freshness within seconds.

Keep the pimples away

Acne due to masks (maskne) and pimples are common during summers. If this is your number 1 problem, you need arefreshing face mistwith niacinamide. It works wonders against these problems.

Brighten the skin

Skin brightening agents such as mulberry extracts makeface mistsmulti-purpose, going beyond their basic function of hydration. They brighten the skin and even the skin tone to tackle suntan.

Prevent irritation and dryness

Aloe vera extract, neem extract, and allantoin are key ingredients that fight against skin dryness. Anyone with dry skin must look for any or all of these in theirface mists.

Make the skin more radiant

Now, who doesn’t want radiant and glowing skin all day? If the sun’s playing spoilsport, you can spritz it down with aface spray for glowing skinand continue looking your best.


There are many options available with various skin-loving ingredients but we recommendhydrating face miststhat are non-comedogenic and have plant extracts. The 3AM Speed Dial Face Mist Spray is a hydrating marvel that you can use as an aftershave mist, a toner, and a makeup setting spray as well! It suits all skin types and works like a charm. Try it and it will become your new best friend!

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